Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Wrap Vinyl Graphics: Spot, Partial, & Full Coverage Explained

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Vehicle Wrap Vinyl Graphics Coverage

Thinking about getting graphics for your vehicle, but not sure where to start? Maybe the first question is the one you’re stuck on: What kind of vehicle wrap do I want? When it comes to vehicle branding, there are a few options to choose from. Understanding which options best fit your business’s needs, as well as what works best for your budget will help you make an informed decision.

There are three types of vinyl graphics options for your vehicle wrap. Spot coverage is the basic option, using your vehicle’s base as the canvas and applying die-cut vinyl car decals to convey your business’s information. A full vehicle wrap gives a bigger impact and is a great way to make an older vehicle look new. A partial vehicle wrap is the best middle ground between the two. While still making an impact, it utilizes the color and curves of the vehicle in the design to create a unique, in-between look.

The Cost

Vehicle wrap cost is likely the deciding factor for what kind of coverage you choose. While there are no guarantees for price, this is the range you can expect:

  • Spot: $200-$800
  • Partial: $1,200 – $2,500
  • Full: $2,800 – $4,500

The ranges are wide, but knowing the factors considered when pricing out vinyl car wraps can help with your own estimations. Two main components to consider are the total square footage of the vinyl wrap and any complexities of the vehicle’s shape. When asking for a quote, keep in mind they may ask you more about the car than the wrap itself at first. This is to ensure that they can give you an accurate estimate. Be prepared to give them your vehicle’s VIN and clear, full pictures of your vehicle to start.

Spot Graphics

The term “spot graphics” might bring to mind a vehicle vinyl wrap that looks, well, spotty. But just because the vinyl adhesive coverage is minimal, doesn’t mean it can’t include a clever vehicle wrap design. Pairing the color of the vehicle with the vinyl graphics can create some interesting and fresh designs. Utilizing the space of your vehicle can give way to eye-catching graphics at minimal cost. Spot graphics are also the best option for graphics that are subject to change. Maybe there are plans to expand your business’s services this year but now’s not the time to advertise those expansions. Spot graphics commonly incorporate a company’s logo and contact information. Adding a small flare like a stripe can also go a long way in its design. Investing in spot graphics gives the flexibility to add or subtract vehicle wrap decals to fit your business’s needs.

Full Wrap

While full vehicle wraps are more pricey, the long-term investment is worth considering. Next time you’re driving down the highway, note how your eyes are drawn to vehicles with full wraps. Notice how the wrap customization brings to life their business and consider what it might do for yours. Incorporating photos or a pattern with eye-catching colors is a great way to get attention for your business.  Unlike spot and partial wraps, there’s also no need to worry about the base color of your vehicle (or vehicles, if you want to wrap a fleet) with full wraps. With the right vehicle wrap material and care, your wrap can last 5 to 7 years, making it a smart marketing investment cheaper than any other type of highly visible marketing methods.

Partial Wrap

Partial wraps are a great median to consider. While they’re pricier than spot graphics, partial wraps utilize more of the vehicle’s real estate and have more options for custom graphics. This is a great benefit when considering vehicle branding prices. The most common coverage for partial wraps is the sides leading into the rear, which has the most overall visibility. There are still many other options like a full hood wrap or just the sides. While all types of partial wraps can still have the impact of full wraps, it’s important to keep in mind the wrap isn’t visible from every direction. This means the impact of the wrap is only viable from certain angles, which doesn’t make them the best option for certain trades. Keep in mind where your business will send your vehicle day-to-day. Perhaps a vehicle spending more time in a suburban driveway will benefit more from a full wrap than a partial one.

Which One is Best For You?

Still having trouble deciding? Take a look at your competitors. While you might think spot graphics are the most cost-effective, if all of your competitors have full wraps it will be more difficult to stand out against them. Another component to consider is who your target audience is. If it’s the general consumer, the competition for their attention is greater, whereas trade-specific audiences will be looking for a business that shows reliability and brand consistency.

There isn’t a type of vehicle wrap that can’t pull off some great advertising, but a good design can go a long way to create the best for your brand. A great graphic designer can turn your spot graphics from a bunch of information into a memorable and unique design, while still relaying the same key items. They can also make a full wrap eye-catching without sacrificing information or class.

Think about what works best for your business. While full wraps might catch more attention, your business and vehicle might find spot graphics or partial wraps convey your business values better. Overall, the most important thing is maintaining your brand’s consistency and finding something that fits your budget.

If you’re looking for any type of vehicle wrap in Columbus, Ohio, contact Atchley Graphics to get started. From design to print to installation, Atchley Graphics has your vehicle covered!

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