Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) Systems


Silicone edge graphics provide seamless art that is proven to attract the customers your company depends on. We print on only the finest dye-sub press using water-based inks. This means your SEG graphics will look rich, vibrant, and stunning throughout their entire lifespan.

Easy to Install

Our SEG frames require minimal wall prep compared to paint or vinyl. Their easy installation can be done by in-store reps and can be wall-mounted or freestanding.

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Get Ready To Take Your Brand to New Heights!

You don’t need to go anywhere but here for all your silicone edge graphics—SEG—systems needs. We don’t just offer SEG frames, displays, and lightboxes. At Atchley Graphics, we’re a one-stop-shop with in-house creative designers, innovative brand marketers, professional printers, and highly skilled installers.

Our SEGs use dye-sublimation printing, a computer technique that uses heat to transfer dye onto the fabric. This fabric then gets a thin silicone gasket sewn around its perimeter. The silicone is then inserted into an aluminum SEG frame channel, creating an almost frameless appearance that integrates beautifully with its surrounding.

As a leading brand development resource, we build integrated SEG systems solutions for endless applications, including


SEG systems are a smart investment for both short- and long-term displays. In fact, this type of advertising saves your business money in several ways:

  • SEG art is highly stable and durable, meaning you won’t need to replace the frames before you’ve reaped their benefits.
  • The compact nature of SEG systems means your shipping costs will be quite manageable.
  • SEG system frames are reusable. You can easily swap in new silicone edge graphics whenever you need to launch or promote a new product or event.

At Atchley Graphics, we bring value to our clients in everything we do.

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