The 4 Things You Need to Consider When Designing Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

The outside of your vehicle is the first thing people see when it’s parked in front of your place of business, so it’s important to make sure it looks good! Not only do you want to impress your customers, but you also want to represent your brand effectively and put your best foot forward wherever you go. When creating vehicle wraps and graphics, there are four things that you should consider in order to create the most impactful design possible.

Make Sure the Design Looks Good on the Vehicle

When you’re designing your vehicle wraps and graphics, it’s important to consider the composition. The design will look different on a small car than it will on a large trailer or box truck. Make sure the colors work well together and that the overall design is eye-catching.

Represent Your Brand in Creative Ways

When youre designing your <strong>vehicle wraps and graphics<strong> it is important to consider the size and shape

Vehicle wraps are a great way to represent your brand in a creative and impactful way. The right texture, color, and signature font can make all the difference in making your vehicle wrap stand out.  

  • Texture: What type of material will give the most powerful design? You want a material that will be durable and hold up against the elements. 
  • Color: Find colors that complement each other or contrast with each other to provide the most powerful message. 
  • Signature Font: What font should be used for your company logo?

Keep it Simple 

You want people to be able to see your message and vital information at a glance, so keep it simple. Use colors that contrast well, and avoid putting too much text or too many images on your vehicle wrap. Make sure your contact information is prominent and easy to read. You want people to be able to reach you, so make sure your phone number and website are easy to find.

Think about the placement of your design elements. Where will people be looking when they see your vehicle?

Keep it Consistent With Other Branding

Your vehicle wrap should be consistent with your other branding. That means using the same colors, fonts, and overall design aesthetic. This way, customers will be able to connect your vehicle wrap to your business signs and other marketing materials.

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