Reflect Your Company Culture With Branded Office Décor

In order to truly brand your office and set the tone for employees and clients alike, it’s important to think beyond just your logo – it’s about conveying a message and creating an atmosphere that reflects your company culture, philosophy, values, etc. In fact, more than just what color you choose to paint the walls, it’s about the qualities associated with your brand that you want to convey in your office décor.

Start From the Basics

<strong>Branded office décor<strong> is conveying your message to create the perfect atmosphere

Branded office décor is more than just your logo, it’s conveying a message and creating an atmosphere that reflects your company culture, philosophy, values. This will evoke emotions in employees and clients alike when they walk into the space. You’ll want to consider things like interior design (i.e. wall graphics and wraps that deliver your desired message), furniture design, and branding tools and materials. The details are what bring the room together and make it stand out.

Grab Attention

When designing an office space, it’s important to use branding colors, imagery, signage, and text to create the right atmosphere. With just a few tweaks, you can make your office space feel more alive and in line with the values of your company. Use brand colors in paint and office décor to create an atmosphere that reflects your company culture and helps unite all team members on an emotional level. Use furniture to create different zones for specific purposes within the office space.

Evoke Emotions

Thoughtful and strategic planning will go a long way when you’re setting up your office décor. Consider these questions as you decide on your branded office décor:

  • What do I want my staff to think and feel when they walk into the office?
  • What is our company’s value?
  • What is our brand’s personality or voice?

Start Planning Today

Contact Atchley Graphics to get started branding your office today. We’ll help you through the process, take care of all the details and help you create an atmosphere that reflects your company culture. We can design, print, and install wall murals or banners with your logo on them. We can also make custom signage for any type of business, including vehicle wraps & full-color vinyl signs for outside or inside your building!

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