How to Use Window Graphics to Promote Temporary Events

Window graphics are an excellent way to promote and draw attention to special events, promotions, and announcements, but they aren’t just limited to the short-term. In fact, window graphics can be an effective way to stay relevant with your audience all year long, especially if you take care of them! Here are some tips on how to use window graphics to promote temporary events in your store or business.

Ways Window Graphics Are Used

A window graphic is a decal that allows for information and advertising to be placed on glass surfaces. This is typically seen as static images, like a website or phone number, but it can also be used as a moving image through signs that feature animated graphics. The best applications of these moving signs include any advertisements or messages that you wish to give prominence on your windows.

Use Them to Promote Events

<strong>Window graphic<strong>s can place information and advertising on glass surfaces

There are a number of ways window graphics can be used, but one common use is for seasonal promotions. If you have an event that’s running for only a limited time — say, Valentine’s Day gifts — you can get your window graphics printed and up in time for your audience to come see it. Get Creative! The best thing about using window graphics is how customizable they are.

Customize to Show Brand Identity

The great thing about window graphics is that you can customize them with your brand’s colors, logo, and designs. With branded window graphics, customers will be more likely to remember your business, because their eyes are drawn directly to your designs. This means you get free advertising on all of those drive-byers and people who just happen to see it as they walk by! Make sure the text is visible from a far distance, so everyone gets a chance to read what’s going on in your store. You want customers driving by or walking nearby to take notice and become curious about what’s happening inside your store or event venue.

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