How to Design the Most Impactful Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Art is a compelling way of expression. It gives you the freedom of representation through vivid colors and imagery. We strongly believe that vehicle wraps and graphics also fall into the category of art. You can design the most impactful wraps to get your message across, advertise your brand, or express who you are as a person. If you’ve already decided to use this marketing trick, then you must read on to understand how you can create the most eye-catching vehicle wraps and graphics

Creating the Most Impactful Vehicle Wrap 

An impactful vehicle wrap can grab your audiences attention from a distance
  1. Make sure the design you choose looks good on the vehicle you wrap. It is essential to consider its composition and formulate your wrap according to the dimensions of the transport you plan to wrap. For example, the design will be different if you wrap a small car, and the proportions will change if you choose to use the same design and graphics on a large trailer or box truck. 
  2. Be Creative! Choose elements that represent your brand. From the color to the texture and signature font, make sure that your design is eye-catching enough to leave a lasting impact on the viewers. The right amount of creativity will grab your audience’s attention right away! 
  3. Keep it simple. You might be eager to put all the information about your brand in the vehicle wraps and graphics. However, that would only confuse your audience more. Make sure that you can convey your brand message and all the vital information at a glance, like a catchphrase that explains your brand. Tell a story, but with just enough words! 
  4. Keep it consistent with all other brandings. The fluctuations in designs will only distract your customers. The customers should be able to connect your vehicle wraps and graphics to your business signs, storefront, your website, and all marketing materials. Consistency is the key! 

Everyone wants to create the most impactful and meaningful designs. And we make it possible with our services of full wraps customized according to our client’s needs. For more information, contact us at Atchley Graphics today! 

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