Revitalize Your Event Branding: A Guide to Updating Printed Graphics for Annual Events

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for some event planning! You might be wondering if it’s time to update your old graphics for your upcoming events—tradeshows, festivals, conferences, sporting events, summer holidays, or any annual event in Columbus, Ohio. Regardless of the event, showstopping graphics are a surefire way to create exciting atmospheres for all attendees.

Annual event branding doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if all that’s needed is a refresh. Whether it’s yard signs for parking or event banners for a large-scale visual impact, it’s never too early to refresh your event signage to prepare for the new year.

Reasons Your Signage Might Need Updating

It might be the graphics that need to change. All events need dates; maybe the dates have changed for this year or the times need to be adjusted. Sponsors are also subject to change from year to year. Updating your graphics to showcase your sponsors is a great way to show appreciation and maybe even retain them for the next event. Has your brand has recently undergone a redesign? Maintain consistency of your new brand with updated signage.

Perhaps the graphics don’t need to change, but the material itself. While corrugated signage is a durable material for indoor and outdoor events, sometimes things happen between the event space and the storage unit. Maybe the sign was stepped on and no amount of cleaning will get the footprint out. Or maybe the sign was bent and won’t fit into A-frames anymore. Cheap banners are also susceptible to tearing or fading, especially if weather conditions aren’t optimal. 

Whatever the reason, the best way to enhance the attendee experience is to present clean and sharp graphics with appealing signage design and quality materials that will last the entirety of the event.

Event Signage Ideas and Examples

More than anything, you want your attendees to be able to navigate the event, no matter how big or small the event might be. The most common examples of event wayfinding signage are for parking, location mapping, registration, directional markers, or even simply welcoming attendees. 

The size of the event will impact the variety and size of signage, but regardless of size, there are options for cost-effective event signage.

Custom printed banners at Columbus Arts Festival 2023

The simplest of options are custom-printed corrugated signs. Paired with h-stakes to make yard signs, inserted into a-frames, or even grommets and zip ties to attach to poles or fences, corrugated signage is a highly versatile form of event signage. Double-sided, weather-resistant, easy to make into custom sizes, long-lasting, all while still retaining its eye-catching design. With good care, corrugated signage can be used for years to come.

Looking for something a little more show-stopping? Consider large banners as a way to not only give your attendees an immersive experience but also attract those passing by. Custom, durable event banners are easy to produce with wide-format printing and can last years with evergreen designs. Hang them at entrances on truss systems, or on booth tent polls. They can even be strung on fencing in the area. Effortless to roll up, event banners can be stored easily and used for future events.

Want ideas on how to keep your signage evergreen? Consider leaving off dates and times on most of your signage, as well as any information that is likely to change come the next event. Also, keeping themes and colors consistent year-to-year allows new and old signage to be cohesive with each other. If you’re considering rebranding this year, perhaps keep that in mind when designing your new event signs and banners. The information won’t change, but maybe the sponsors will. Consider using fastener strips to replace fluctuating information easily. Removable vinyl is also an option for temporary signage changes, but it might not withstand weather and storage.

It’s never too early to start planning for your next big event. Even if your festival isn’t until this summer, you can lessen your stress by getting ahead of the preparations. Contact us at Atchley Graphics today to get started!

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