The Best Placement for Your Lobby Logo Sign

A lot of businesses don’t think twice about the placement of their logo sign in their lobby, but it’s actually very important. While most people will know where to find your sign without too much trouble, if you want to give your business the best chance at receiving new customers, you should take some time to make sure that your lobby logo sign is placed in the best possible location in your lobby. Here are some tips to help you decide where to place your lobby logo sign so that it gets noticed by as many potential customers as possible.

Key Areas to Remember When Designing a Lobby

Place your <strong>lobby logo sign<strong> in the best possible location

There are some important factors to keep in mind when designing a lobby. Not only do you want to make sure your logo sign is visible, but also know where the reception desk and waiting area are. Designing a lobby can be one of the best ways to provide a sense of professionalism and organization for your company. It’s also vital that the signage is eye-catching, so people passing by take notice! Without proper signage, clients will wander around lost, looking for a specific person or office.

You’ll need to make sure you leave enough space on the wall or doorway that the logo sign can be seen by everyone entering your lobby. Don’t forget to include not only people waiting in your reception area, but those coming from other offices who may pass through your lobby. This is usually about three feet of wall space next to your door. Be sure that the logo sign is mounted at eye level, so it’s easily readable, and make sure it doesn’t interfere with traffic flow.

Wall Signs vs. Free Standing Signs

If you want people to be able to see your logo sign as they enter the building, go with a free standing sign. If you want to save space and don’t mind placing it on the wall, a wall mounted sign is what you need. 

Lobby Logo Sign Setup

One important detail to consider when placing your logo sign is the position of your reception desk and waiting area. If this spot is directly opposite where people enter your lobby, you should hang the sign above the reception desk so that all visitors can see it as they walk in. 

When designing a lobby logo sign, keep in mind the text size and readability from a distance. How many guests are likely to pass by it on any given day? Is there ample light in the area? If you can answer these questions, it should give you a good idea of how large your text needs to be. Plus, if there’s not much light in the area where your sign will be located, adding illumination is worth considering. Signs should be hung at close to eye level, ideally at a distance of 5 ft from the floor. This ensures that as people walk in and out of your building, they will see your sign right away, which is important if you want people to remember what your business does. 

There is a certain amount of space in any lobby or front area that you should leave free of clutter, so that people are not getting anything in their way when they walk in the door. It’s important to provide them with a comfortable and spacious spot to stand while they check in with the front desk.

Atchley Signs and Graphics can help not only design and create your lobby logo sign, but we can help you with the installation and placement of your signage as well!

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