How to Brand Your Interior Office Space for Maximum Impact

To enhance your brand identity, it’s important to pay attention to the way your office space looks and feels. Branding isn’t just limited to signage and materials used in the interior of your office; it extends to everything from visual representations of company values and goals, to safety equipment like fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Here are some tips on branding an interior office space for maximum impact that we’ve gathered from marketing experts at various companies.

Why Branding is Important in an Office 

The heart of every office is its staff, and your employees are also your brand ambassadors. Every time they interact with clients or customers, they have an opportunity to put their best foot forward. That’s why it’s so important that you foster a collaborative and creative culture in your office – people work better when they’re comfortable, confident, and inspired.

1. Build Brand Identity and Impact Brand Messaging 

Any empty space can become a great branding tool

A key aspect of any business is branding. The corporate office space should reflect your brand’s identity and vision, making an impact on current and future clients. To do so, focus on these three points: building brand identity, enhancing brand messaging, and implementing an effective design strategy.

2. Makes You Look More Professional to Customers

Like your company’s website and social media profiles, an office space that exudes professionalism will provide customers with a sense of confidence in you and your business. A professional logo or signage on exterior windows or interior doors is only part of what makes an office look great; interior decorating choices can set an entire mood for visitors and employees. And when it comes to creating a mood, there are some important factors to consider

3. Boost Company Pride and Bring the Team Together

With so many departments in play, it’s easy for office workers to feel isolated and disconnected from one another. Most people, after all, are happiest at work when they feel a strong sense of connection with their co-workers. Fortunately, it’s easy to create a strong sense of community in your office by consistently reminding workers of what makes your brand great — and encouraging them to celebrate that message and each other every day.

Types of Interior Office Graphics That Can Enhance Your Brand Identity.

The nature of your business should dictate which types of interior office graphics you use. For example, if you’re creating a fun, energetic vibe at work, pop art and bold colors are likely in order. On the other hand, a more traditional design would create a cohesive environment for firms who rely on legal or medical services. It doesn’t matter what sort of brand identity your company has — there are interior office graphics that can be used to enhance it.

1. Wall Graphics With Brand Messaging 

Although you might think that interior office graphics should be reserved exclusively for hallways and walls, if your business revolves around a specific theme or message, there’s no reason why you can’t add them throughout your space. In fact, wall graphics are a great way to visually brand your office.

2. Dimensional Logos

People walk by your logo all day, and it’s also one of your first points of contact with a client. Make sure it’s memorable with a dimensional logo that uses texture and depth as well as more traditional design elements. For example, adding stitching or embossing can make a flat company logo pop off of a wall. Likewise, you can create logos out of materials like metal that are suitable for hanging on walls.

3. Interior Window Graphics

Another way you can brand your office is by using translucent vinyl on conference rooms and office doors. This product allows you to use an image or colors as a statement piece, while still allowing people to see through. You can brand your company with an inspirational quote or a reminder of who you are and what makes you stand out, such as your mission statement.

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